Some Parents in Loveland, Ohio, Opted-Out!

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Click here to load the video. Image and video from O’Neill, 2013.

According to 9 On Your Side’s, anchor woman, Julie O’Neill, several parents of middle school students in Loveland, Ohio, opted-out of having their children take the standardized test in 2013. The parents used social media outlets to get the word out and to raise awareness about the effects of increased test taking. Amy Broermann, a parent, chose to sound off her concerns on a private “Learn Loveland” Facebook page. Broermann stated, “I hear about teachers complaining that they spend as much time and energy on paperwork and prepping for tests as they do actually teaching the kids” (O’Neill, 2013). Broermann also noted that she felt that the extra time and money spent on the tests was not beneficial for the students.

Superintendent, Chad Hilliker, acknowledged the parents’ worries regarding standardized testing and responded to those concerns on his blog. Hilliker’s main issue was that the testing days had gone from two days to eight days. He was worried that if parents opted-out of having their kids take the test the first year, the school would be without that critical data. As a result, the school would not be able to see how the new testing regiment impacted the students’ learning.

Despite warnings from The Department of Education for possible consequences, the organization, “Opt-Out Ohio” created an opt-out form on its website. It was downloaded 24,000 times. Parents choosing to opt-out their children from taking the test could use the form to present to schools. Broermann urged other parents to opt-out their child from taking standardized testing the first year because she felt it made the strongest message.


O’Neill, J. (2013). PARCC testing: Some Ohio parents opting out. Channel 9 WCPO Cincinnati. Retrieved from


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